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Five things you need to know about anna wintour Anna wintour.Fashion’s scariest and most influential broad.Or not? michael kors online outlet Now that tim gunn has been ballsy enough to go after wintour(Claiming she got carried down several flights of stairs, not wanting to tire her bony ass), as well as the fashion institution that is Vogue, we smelled Seventh Avenue blood.So we did a little digging while we were in new york for fashion week and checked in with folks who know both chic parties. 1.Project runway stars may have to take sides:With gunn’s recent incendiary remarks, the major buzz about the fallout isn’t what fashion events he’ll be banned from what heidi klum and michael kors are going to do!Our wintour insiders insist to us anna is”Very displeased”With gunn going after vogue(No surprise there)And that it may affect her views of heidi and kors if they show any loyalty to tim. However, anna was front row at michael’s amazing show wednesday and rushed backstage after, so hopefully they are in the clear for now.Fellow judge nina garcia has already spoken out michael kors sale australia praising what wintour has done for fashion and said she”Didn’t”See her get carried anywhere. 2.Anna most likely did get carried down five flights of stairs:While america’s next top model guru miss jay wouldn’t comment on the gunn vs.Wintour battle, jay manuel gave a politically correct rundown of what he thinks happened since he knows both tim and anna: “Here’s what i can say:I obviously wasn’t there when this supposed event went down, but if tim gunn witnessed something and he’s being very honest, good for him, that’s what i’d have to say.But yeah, he really does now need to be in the fashion protection program for sure. ” 3.Anna doesn’t eat and spit out all her assistants:We’ve heard from a source at cond nast that while wintour is”Feared yet worshiped”At vogue, she isn’t terrible to everyone.One of her former assistants ages ago raved to us about the opportunities she received after being wintour’s right hand woman and claimed anna personally opened other doors for her within the company. 5.Anna still thinks rachel zoe is despicable:Remember when zoe insinuated a few years ago she was more influential in fashion than wintour?Well, anna has not forgotten. “She despises rachel, and rachel despises her,”Says a source who has worked closely with both fashion icons.The two have been crossing paths at a few of the shows and have not been hanging.But so far, no fur(Real or otherwise)Has flown.The two even went backstage separately after their mutual pal michael kors gave his fab spring presentation.

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