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Hall of fame twins reflect on state title Champaign long before identical twins anna and avra jain got their names in print, they got their hands on dozens of newspapers daily for three years. Barely teenagers in the mid 1970s, they were news gazette paper carriers”We doubled our circulation route in the few years we did the route,”Anna said with a specific target michael kors outlet sale for their earnings of about a nickel per day per paper. “I remember watching john newcombe’s serve, how fast it was and how he could do it blindfolded,”Avra said. “That’s when i learned the serve was all about the toss. ” Anna and avra will return to champaign urbana this weekend to join two other former central athletes for their enshrinement in the c club athletic hall of fame.The official induction takes michael kors hobo bag place saturday night at the hawthorn suites. This year’s other inductees are swimmer dan trupin and basketball player nate mast. The record books show that on oct.28, 1978, the Jains completed their impressive state series performance.They teamed up to beat their first three state meet foes by 6 0, 6 0 scores. The fourth opponent fared better, losing 6 2, 6 0, before the jains dominated in the quarterfinals 6 0, 6 0. “Hard to believe it was 30 years ago,”Anna said. “I still remember the beautiful, crisp fall day and how nervous i felt as though it was yesterday. ” In truth, it has been 10, 554 days since they were crowned champions. “We both remember that particular day very well,”Avra said. “It was a cool day.In fact, we played the whole(Championship)Match with sweaters on. ” In the semifinals, the jains were paired against the top seeded team, a duo from new trier, and survived 7 6, 4 6, 6 4.In the finals, they beat the doubles team from hinsdale central 6 4, 7 5. They had reason to be nervous before the championship match. “We misplaced our rackets and had to play with our michael kors accessories backpacks backup rackets,”Avra said. It was the first time they had used them in competition. Quoted in the news gazette the following day, anna said: “What makes the difference is we were mentally tough.It was just us, the tennis ball and our opponent. ” Fittingly, the jains ended the showdown with a memorable final point. “Anna poached across the net and hit a volley that struck the other player, which automatically meant the point was over,”Avra said. The jains were 16 year olds when the prep tennis season started their senior year but were exactly eight weeks past their 17th birthday the day they won state. The jains took pride in establishing their individual identities, at least off the court. “We wouldn’t dress the same,”Anna said. There were times, however, they had no choice about their apparel. “We had the same team uniform,”Anna added. That worked to their advantage in the title match when anna admittedly wasn’t playing her best. “Avra carried us,”She said.Their opponents recognized that but were unable to capitalize. “They commented that they knew one of us wasn’t playing well, but they couldn’t hit the ball to the person because they couldn’t tell us apart,”Anna said. As doubles partners, the jains switched places frequently, which helped to confuse their hinsdale central opponents.

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