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It’s louis vuitton bags sale uk a matter of identity Opponents of the new law have asked the state supreme court, which currently has six members(A seventh justice was suspended this year on corruption charges), split evenly among Democrats and Republicans, to block it.The court is expected to rule this month, and some of the justices’ questions on thursday showed concern that voters might not be able to get their papers in order before louis vuitton mens wallet election day.The latest poll, conducted by the philadelphia inquirer, indicates that some 65 percent of pennsylvania voters support the law.The same poll shows obama leading romney by 11 points in the state. Perhaps 100, 000 registered voters lack the right id, although no one knows for sure;Estimates have ranged from 1 to 11 percent of 8.3 million registered voters.Through sept.11, the state had issued 7, 548 of the free non driver IDs for voting, said PennDOT spokeswoman Jan McKnight, and 579 of the cards of last resort, 343 of those in Philadelphia and one of those facilitated by McKnight herself, to the father of Jim Cramer, after the CNBC host complained via Twitter last Wednesday that his dad couldn’t louis vuitton shoes men get ID.