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Is this the ultimate newroc louis vuitton new louis vuitton womens bags computer Latest comments in rssare you getting dear old dad another golf shirt, a tie or a pair of socks?Tickets to a tigers baseball game perhaps?Why not a new grass trimmer/edger so he can spend all weekend doing work around the house rather than relaxing!I know, what about a big screen tv that everyone can watch just when dad wants to see the big game.I imagine that the electronics retailers will be inundating the airwaves, your mailbox and the internet with all kinds of electronic toys as well.Let me give you my suggestion.Sure, you might have to open up your wallet a little bit but isn dad worth it!Come on now, look at all the gifts that he has purchased for you and others in the family over the years.It time to reciprocate no matter what he may tell you.I just spent several weeks trying out the new dell xps 18 portable all in one desktop desktop.That right, a desktop.It is one that you can move around and not be stuck as one is with a desktop as an example.Is itThe ultimate computer?Of course, in the technology game, there is no such thing as an ultimate.However, for a person with my needs and wants, it comes pretty close.Maybe i will coin a term:The ultimate computer.As you will recall, my preference is for a desktop unit.While laptops are fine, if one travels a lot as far as i concerned, i never bought into the principle that a laptop can be a desktop replacement.I like the larger monitor, i like the detachable keyboard and for the kind of work i do, a desktop serves me well.Moreover, not being the greatest typist in the world, a laptop is not as comfortable for me to use as is a desktop.However, desktops have problems too.The main one obviously is they can be moved easily.They generally remain where they were initially placed, on the desk.That is where they are designed to go.Accordingly, if one travels, or wants to work in another location in one home office as an example, or if the outside beckons because of the nice weather so that a video can be watched or game followed over the internet, then another device must be purchased.Of course, if i was working full time and especially if my employer was paying for the devices, then, let be honest about it, i really wouldn care all that much.I probably would get a whole bunch of devices so that i could be like that fellow i talked about at the tim hortons who made a table there his office with all of the devices spread in front of him.It is not the same however for a poor, retired blogmeister or someone who does not need to have the latest and greatest of every device, whether it is a laptop or a tablet.It can get quite expensive if one is not careful.Accordingly, some important decisions have to be made when choosing a device in the first place.In the good old days, the answer was simple:For portability, buy a laptop.Now however there are other choices as you have seen from the dell computers that i have reviewed to date:A tablet, a convertible laptop, a laptop alone.Of course there are smart phones but that a whole other story and again, one that does not interest me at all, because i don need one.All these portable devices fill a niche.All of them are excellent at what they do.A tablet is relatively small and is very portable.A laptop is bigger and heavier but it has the capacity and can run programs that a tablet cannot run as easily.Pluses and minuses, the computer companies are making it almost impossible for us aren they.Now you are getting it, aren you. That is why I am calling the Dell XPS 18 Portable All in One DesktopThe ultimate computer device.It solves for me the issue of having a desktop and also having a mobile unit.I have both, all in one unit.During the last few weeks the weather was warm if you can remember those days a short time ago.The humidity was pretty high as well.I just didn feel like turning on the air conditioning and staying in the house.Accordingly, i just easily disconnected the and took it outside and used it in my florida room so that i could feel the breezes blowing and hear the birds chirping.In another weird situation that took place, for some reason my desktop just would not work.My backup battery bit the dust requiring that i get a new one because i just can trust our electricity provider whenever there is a thunderstorm.Surge and battery protection is necessary so that my computer doesn get blownup.After i disconnected everything, for some reason my desktop and monitor would just not turn on.Trips up and down the stairs to the basement, flipping circuit breakers on and off didn seem to help either.I figured that something had burned out in the wiring and an electrician was needed.If i wanted to work, it meant moving everything to a new location and plugging everything into new electrical sockets.Fortunately, i had the dell xps 18 portable.If it had been my normal desktop, i would have just removed the portable part and continued working.No fuss no muss compared with what i was afraid i had to do with my desktop to be able to start working again.Don forget it has something like 5 hours of battery time and it can be easily connected to a different power outlet.Luckily, my wife figured out what the problem was.A tradesman had turnedoff a switch while working in the house.It was easily fixed so that i was back in action and cancelled the electrician appointment.However, it demonstrated to me the huge advantage of a desktop unit.Everything was right there at my fingertips and i did not have to sync with some other device in order to be able to work easily again.The dell xps 18 portable all in one desktop is as the name describes it an all in one.All i need to do is to refer you back to the article i did before on the dell inspiron one 23 all in one desktop with optional touch screen so that you can understand what the advantages are of an all in one.I need not go through it again in this article.With the dell xps 18 portable, the screen is smaller.I find that to be an advantage to me because i thought that the 23 inch screen was just too big for everyday desktop use although as i said in my review, i thought that i could get used to it.I suspect that the 23 inch screen is really not designed for an office only type of use but more for multimedia.Dell must have been listening to me when i wrote before:Comes a point however where the manufacturers need to understand that if the uses are for office use primarily, a very large monitor is not required.There is an all in one with a 20 inch screen but i do not believe that it incorporates a touch screen.That to me is a disadvantage if one is using windows 8.An 18.4 inch screen, it is an excellent size for my usage.As the name says, it is a portable.However, it comes with an exterior docking station/stand on which one can place the unit to make it appear as if it is a typical non portable all in one.The stand is adjustable so that one can move the unit to the appropriate position.If however one wants to save a few dollars, a stand is not necessary.It has out feet at the back of the unit which keeps the device upright.To me, that was perfect when i moved the unit around louis vuitton scarves and went outside because i did not have to drag the stand with me.It meant one less thing to carry.Again, for day to day work use, it is worthwhile buying the stand.Its weight is about 5 pounds so it is about the same as a laptop.Obviously, it weighs a lot more than a tablet because after all it is a full fledged computer that one carries around.To some, that may be a disadvantage.However, if one does not want to spend the extra money on a tablet, then carrying around something that weighs 5 pounds is not really all that difficult and is cost effective.