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Freezing christian louboutin shoes uk christian louboutin uk weather shuts down toronto’s pearson international airport Blogsgood newsoddodd news homeodd news videowho knew?Videodaily buzzcold temperatures across central and eastern canada shut down the country largest airport tuesday morning, scrubbing every scheduled to arrive flight and leaving thousands of passengers stranded and separated from their luggage.About 200 flight landings at toronto pearson international airport were cancelled, as well as more than 110 departures, leaving a long queue of planes lining the tarmac and waiting a chance to offload passengers.Delays and confusion were expected as the airport cleared the backlog of waiting airplanes.The situation had grown tense inside the airport to the point that, according to reports from cbc news, additional police and security were called in to patrol the terminals.The temperature at toronto pearson international airport was 23c tuesday morning, one day after freezing rain warnings and snow squall alerts were issued across the greater toronto area.Factoring in the wind chill, temperatures at the airport felt more like 40c.The airport said that the extreme cold had caused equipment to freeze and presented safety issues for employees.Some departing planes were able to leave because they were previously serviced and prepared, according to airport officials.[ christian louboutin mary-jane-pumps Related:Winter weather causes massive travel backlog ]westjet released a similar weather advisory.Twenty eight arrivals have already been cancelled and 16 departing flights have been scrubbed.Both airlines are urging passengers to check their flight status before travelling to the airport.Rebooking tools are available on the company websites.Westjet further warned customers that the chaos may result in some passengers being offloaded from flights without their luggage, while passengers on board other flights may be asked to remain on board. “We have been advised that in order to efficiently process incoming aircraft, guests will be offloaded as soon as gates become available but baggage will have to remain on board some flights until sometime tuesday.Westjet baggage agents are advising guests on a flight by flight basis whether or not their baggage will be affected,”The company said in a statement.Needless to say, pearson is a mess.It will take some time to unravel the mess caused by the mass groundings.