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It’s a mattress minefield for those in agony of finding a bed to ease back pain Yes, like 49 per cent of people in this country, i get some form of lower lumbar aggravation at least once a year and, like 99.9 per cent of people, I don’t have a clue what bed would suit me best.Nor do i know how to find out. Amazing, given that we spend one third of our lives asleep.Or not asleep, in my case. Recently, i’ve noticed my joints echoing the creaking sounds the bed makes each time i turn over.Plus more of my dreams seem to feature me clinging on to the edge of a cliff, upon which i wake up and find i’m trying to stop myself falling into the mattress valley that has opened up between me and newroc my wife. According to the sleep council the promotional wing of the national bed federation we brits get only 6.6hours of sleep per night, rather than the recommended eight.Dr chris idzikowski, of the edinburgh sleep centre, says that if we all treated ourselves to a new bed, we would get an extra 42 minutes’ shut eye per night. Not surprisingly, the bed industry is big on the benefits of swapping your old mattress for a new, preferably more expensive one.The furniture industry research association claims a bed can lose 70 per cent of its strength over a ten year period, while the sleep council warns that, like a marriage, a bed will start deteriorating after seven years. As a result, practically every mattress on the market tries to talk us into bed with quasi medical promises.Beds are given names like ortho and posturepedic, while the hardest mattresses are all classified as ‘orthopaedic’. Much is made in the marketing blurb about the scientific research that has gone into the making of the mattresses.Tempur use an absorbent foam developed by nasa scientists in order to minimise g forces on astronauts during take off. Not everyone, however, is convinced.’I have often wondered what the word orthopaedic means in the context of buying a bed, ‘ says Steve Krikler, a senior consultant orthopaedic surgeon based in Coventry. ‘Most of the terminology is impressive sounding jargon to persuade you to cheapest louis vuitton bags part with your hardearned cash, without any real evidence.A bad mattress can exacerbate back pain, but can it actually give you a bad back?I’m not sure there’s any scientific evidence to back that up.’ What gives you a bad back is not lying in bed it’s sudden twisting and lifting.’It is a bit crazy’, agrees the woman from the BackCare helpline.’There used to be a school of thought that if you had a bad back, you needed a hard bed.The fact is, it depends on a person’s weight, height and age.’ And what kind do i need?She can’t tell me.’We only offer a Listening ear, ‘ she replies, ‘not medical advice.’ Which is hardly Surprising, as there doesn’t seem to be a doctor in the world who is Qualified in the field of optimum sleep angles louis vuitton belts uk or the best bed for yourtoo rigid a back will mean your body isn’t relaxed.Too slouchy and